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December 2004

This LJ was created as the journal of my adventures on two wheels.

I have lived in the Washington, DC area since 79, riding off and on over the years. After several years of dancing and fencing (with some riding) a bout with tendonitis of the knees limited my activities. For a while in '97 I was walking with a cane. My Trek hybrid became a key part of my therapy and recovery. With weight training and biking and being careful, my knees hardly hurt at all now (although if I jog even a little or if I skip biking for a couple of weeks, I feel it.)

Been down many of the local DC trails, many times. Most of my riding has been solo. I like the freedom of doing a mental coin-flip in mid-ride and taking a different path at a whim. Occassionally I would ride with one or two others, but I had never really found anyone with a compatible riding style.

A couple of years ago I decided to get more serious about my biking. After attempting the Spring Metric with the Oxon Hill Bike Club and bonking on the hills of Loudon when I tried the 2003 Reston Century/Metric, I realized that I needed work on hills, and that I could be a much better rider if I worked on it.

Fall 2003 I starting riding with the Potomac Peddlers Trail Club (PPTC) on the rides out of Bellhaven. Over the next year I went out on around 15 PPTC rides. They're a good group and I plan to ride with them often in the years to come. Will probably even join the club someday.

By PPTC reckoning, my ride pace is somewhere between a fast C (10 to 12 mph average) and a slow CC (12 to 14 mph). I am working on becoming a solid CC rider.

Ride highlights of 2004 are posted in my first journal. Subsequent posts are of current rides.

I won't go into detail on the old rides, except to say that 2004 was a good year.

The reason I created this journal is so I can cronicle my future rides, and share what I have seen and heard and smelled and felt and done. I want to share the experience of seeing five blue heron on the C&O, or deer on Rock Creek, or the view from the hill in front of an old farmhouse overlooking Round Hill, or the traffic jambs on the Capital Cresent on Saturday mornings. If reading about my experiences brings you insight, or a giggle, or helps you on your rides, I will be content.

Let 'er roll.

My alter-ego lj can be found under the name of sun_in_splendor at http://www.livejournal.com/users/sun_in_splendor/

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update 2007

Logged in over 1800 miles last year.
Trying for over 2000 miles this year, and my first century.

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update 2008
Missed my target. Only 1359 miles.
Bike New York, New York Century, Tour du Port
2009 - try for 1800 and my first century.
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